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Fail Your Way to Success

As a recovering perfectionist, I struggle with anything less than perfect. Coming into an immersive Data Science program was like being blind-sided. Python coding is essentially failing over and over again and learning from those small mistakes. 

Forget a colon? Didn't indent? That will throw an error. 

In many ways, I have learned about changing my approach to life through my experience learning Python. Not an hour goes by where I don't throw some kind of error or have to stop and debug my code. Or, since I'm still learning so much daily, I come across a need to do something that I don't quite know how to do. I've learned to strategically Google (as any coder/engineer can understand and appreciate!) 

Isn't this just like our lives? I've been on a healthy person journey now for some time. Prior to working with a coach, I had mastered the 'all or nothing' approach. Instead, as a healthy person, I pause regularly and evaluate my errors. Where did I go wrong? What was it that caused this slip? I reevaluate and get back on track. 

In the Data Science world, since I'm still learning so much daily, I come across a need to do something that I don't quite know how to do. I've learned to strategically Google (as any coder/engineer can understand and appreciate!) 

In my health journey, when I can't figure something out or I need help, I reach out to my network of healthy people. I can't possibly be expected to know it all - nor can anyone. But I can be held responsible to knowing who and what my resources are and accessing them when needed. 

The way we grow (in both Data Science and as humans) is by pausing and evaluating each time we hit a roadblock. In class, I am forced to do it through each assignment, lab, or project. In life, I have to have more self-awareness to know when I need the help. 

Something to remember in life and data science: 



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