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Using NLP with Classification Models

Problem Statement: Meredith's National Media Group reaches more than 180 million unduplicated American consumers every month, including over 80 percent of U.S. millennial women. Meredith is the No. 1 magazine operator in the U.S., and owner of the largest premium content digital network for American consumers. They are interested in marketing to parents, especially given that Parents Magazine is one of their most popular publications. It is believed that differentiating between pregnant people and those beyond pregnancy will help the marketing team to develop future campaigns that can be more directed. My work aims to come up with a way to distinguish between these two groups and the types of things that people in those groups post about to give information to the Marketing team at Meredith’s Corporation. I will develop multiple classification models, including a RandomForest, KNearestNeighbors, and LogisticRegression, and I will try ensembling as well to attempt to improve my mod

Fail Your Way to Success

As a recovering perfectionist, I struggle with anything less than perfect. Coming into an immersive Data Science program was like being blind-sided. Python coding is essentially failing over and over again and learning from those small mistakes.  Forget a colon? Didn't indent? That will throw an error.  In many ways, I have learned about changing my approach to life through my experience learning Python. Not an hour goes by where I don't throw some kind of error or have to stop and debug my code. Or, since I'm still learning so much daily, I come across a need to do something that I don't quite know how to do. I've learned to strategically Google (as any coder/engineer can understand and appreciate!)  Isn't this just like our lives? I've been on a healthy person journey now for some time. Prior to working with a coach, I had mastered the 'all or nothing' approach. Instead, as a healthy person, I pause regularly and evaluate my errors. Where did I go

Coding Challenges as a way to Level Up

 In my pre-course work for General Assembly's Data Science Immersive program, we were introduced to the website CodeWars .  The first few times I practiced my coding, I was frustrated but engaged. The way the website is set up allows you to level up as you continuously progress - like a way to see where you rank among others.  Here's what I love about it:  You can get extra practice by choosing your level of difficulty for each challenge. If you want to practice, stick with challenges at your current level. If you are looking to level up, choose something at a level above your current one. There are options for either path! CodeWars felt like a fun way to push me out of my comfort zone with coding. There is no risk at all to trying something that is just beyond my current level.  There are so many programming languages available! Want to dabble in Haskell? Ruby? SQL? They've got you covered. (From what I counted, there are 29 core languages and 26 beta languages currently s